Ron Baker

I'm Just a Guitar Man

- CD

The newest album of mine rocks a little harder than the previous albums I released. The idea was to give my listeners copies of the songs I've been performing live for the past couple of years...both originals and cover songs.

Cardboard and Illusion

- CD

My 2016 album contained mostly original songs played with the band I've recorded with for the past eight years:  Louis Kahl, Dean Townsend, and Lejoe B Young.  

Man on the Run

- CD


This album is a rock western that incorporates the many sounds of rock music. The story is set in the Old West. Narration between tracks is provided by veteran actor, Will Hutchins. Will has three television series in his long list of credits, the most famous series being the tv western, "Sugarfoot." Will has also acted in many films including 2010's "The Romantics." Will's co-stars range from Jack Nicholson in "The Shooting" to Andy Griffith in "No Time for Sergeants" and Elvis Presley in "Spinout" and "Clambake." Others participating in this album are Louis Kahl, who has performed with legendary New Orleans musicians Lee Dorsey and Huey "Piano" Smith; Dean Townsend; Lejoe B Young, who is currently playing drums for Travis Tritt; and Mark Cooper. Over two years in the making, I think this album rocks in all the right places. Hope you enjoy it.

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Moon Singer

- CD

This is my 2010 album. When I was in college, I formed a songwriting partnership with Michael Kelley. We recorded more than twenty hours of experimental music during that time. Later on, we wrote more conventional songs. Most of the time I would write the lyrics and Michael would write the music, but we also recorded songs we wrote separately. Michael moved to New York City to pursue music full-time and I stayed in the West Virginia area where I taught school and made music on a part-time basis. About four years ago I teamed up with Durbin Funk IV's (and Audio Alchemist's) Jamie Townsend and started recording music professionally. I had long wanted to do an album of some of my favorite songs that Michael had written. Jamie and the other guys in the band (Louis Kahl, Dean Townsend, Lejoe Young, and Cortni Loftis) made that possible. Hope you like it.