Ron Baker


by Ron Baker

Released 2014
Released 2014
The music on this cd is very eclectic, but rock oriented. Probably just calling it pop-rock would cover all the styles contained.
Practice makes perfect. The songs on this album were played on a weekly basis on acoustic nights at a local club. The local audience would be familiar with them as acoustic numbers, but on this album, they get a full band treatment. It doesn't change the songs, but I think it improves them.

I'm not exactly a first generation rock artist. Those guys grew up on 40s rhythm and blues and country music. I grew up listening to 50s rhythm and blues and country music. Rick Nelson was my favorite artist when I first started listening to music. The came the British Invasion which changed music for most of us. I think my music is a blend of the influences that I've had (Rick Nelson, Eddie Cochran, Elvis, Brian Hyland, Bobby Vee, the Beatles, the Kinks, Sparks, Tom Petty, Cliff Richard, Pink Floyd and Coldplay). I just play what I like. Hope you like it too.