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Hippie Fest


A great time was had at Hippie Fest!!!  Since I opened the performances that day, it gave me time to wander around and sample various goodies.  I bought five patchouli candles from a vendor, dog collar covers, art, music, and food.  My set was 45 minutes this year, which gave me an opportunity to play lots of my original songs, plus some standard folk-rock tunes.  Hanging out with Vinny and getting art was loads of fun too.  Vinny is a great guy dedicated to art...and music.




It's been a long time


Many things have happened since I last posted an update.  I appeared at Hippie Fest in Logan Ohio this second appearance there!  My weekly appearances at Court Street Grill are on Tuesdays.  I also appeared recently at Woodside Stage in Patriot, OH...headlining a charity concert for the local food pantry.

In November, I will head on back to Tennessee to work with the guys I've worked with so often in the past.  I tried working locally, but it just wasn't the same.  The next album is in the process of being recorded.  I will be doing some of my songs from the past and some covers that I feature regularly in my appearances.  The album was originally going to be called Traveling Man, but I think I might have a better title.  Look for a release in the new year.

There will also be a Christmas release with two original Christmas songs that I think you will like.

Till next time....

new music


Well, I did silently issue some music late last year.  Haven't added it here yet, but it's at CD Baby.  I'm working on new songs (always) and hope to record them this summer.  My 8-track machine second 8-track machine died and so I'm in search of a NEW machine to record the new music.  Should be up and running in June.

Haven't really played live since last fall either.  The day job keeps me busy.

Just wanted to stay in touch here!

Happy Spring!

Thursday night switches to Friday night


I've been playing at Wayne's Place every Thursday night this summer.  That switches to Friday night this week.  Last week I played seven original songs that I've written over the years, including one I just finished this past week.  I also started a recording project a couple weeks back.  It will take some time, but I have LOTS of songs to record.  The next cd could end up being a double.

On the run this summer


Hello everyone.  Been quite awhile since the last update.  I'll be singing at Wayne's Place in Middleport Ohio on Thursday night, March 27th.  Trying to gauge my new songs for the next album which I'll start recording with the band in August (if everything goes right).  Will also be playing some dates in the East this summer.  Will keep you posted!

Finally updated


Hello everyone.  Finally a chance to update the website.  The new album is out and, so far, everyone has loved it.  I'm getting ready to sign with a promoter in the UK.  Sounds promising to me.  The album, Man on the Run, will be reviewed in issue 83 of Fireworks (a UK magazine).  I'm excited by that!

Final mix...not quite


The final mix of my long-time, in progress work, "Man on the Run", will be completed Saturday April 7, 2012.  The actual album should be available on May 21, 2012.  It's actually coming out the same day as the reissue of Paul McCartney's "Ram" album, but I won't hold that against Paul.  The same musicians who played on "Moon Singer" (Louis Kahl, Dean Townsend, and Lejoe Young) play on this album with me playing guitars on most tracks.  However, on this album, I have a very special guest, Will Hutchins, who did the narration.  Will will probably need no introduction to television Westerns fans.  Will starred in the television series, "Sugarfoot".  Besides acting on television, Will has appeared in several motion pictures including "No Time for Sergeants", "Spinout", "Clambake", "Claudelle Inglish", "The Shooting", and most recently in "The Romantics".  It is a real honor to have Will on my cd.


On Monday, I added acoustic guitar, electric guitars, and lead guitar to the basic tracks for "Hideaway" from my next album ("Man on the Run"). I will probably add some keyboards to it too...depends on if I decide to keep it simple or not. I keep changing my mind.

Busy Week

Spoke with Jamie about the mixes for the new album. Saw Brian Wilson's fantastic concert in St Charles IL on Saturday. Tomorrow, it's Paul McCartney in Cincinnati. I love long trips. They give me the chance to come up with new tunes. Keep that trusty mini cassette and paper/pen handy. Already thinking of the album after next. I've demoed at least four songs for it. An active mind is a good thing.

Is this a hit?

Over 24 hits in one day for "Inside Your Heart" video on YouTube. Man! That's good for me! Maybe it's a hit?

Back from Minnesota

Spent a few days in Minnesota last week. Attended Bobby Vee's farewell concert in St. Joseph MN. Bobby was great! Talked with Jeff about recording at Rockhouse. Sounds very promising. My latest recording session did not go as well as I had hoped. There's a difference in vision of the work that I hope will be straightened out soon.

video uploaded

I just uploaded a video of me singing my song "Inside Your Heart" to YouTube. It was captured with a vhs-c camcorder, so it isn't the best. Hope to do a better one soon. Recording some more tracks for the next album on June 24.

Getting Back to Summer never know...I may re-record my song from 2000 this summer. Anyhow, I will be finishing up my Rock Western in June. We have ten tracks done...just need to do some final vocals on five of them and record three more songs and link the dialog passages with music. Great band...great producer...great friend and narrator. All will be revealed in time... "Moon Singer" goes onsale at iTunes and in November. Should be an interesting fall. Going out to sing tomorrow night. Video shoot for "I Was Afraid to Know" tentatively scheduled mid-July.


The sessions went very smoothly. Those guys can really play! We did five tracks for the next project. There is still a LOT of work to do. We've recorded ten tracks so far. The next session (next month) will be to record eight songs. Two for the upcoming project and six for a future project.


I've updated the Buy section adding a link to CD Baby for the new "Moon Singer" CD. There is also a link in the LINKS section that will take you to the music video I put together for "Happy Summer - wait for me with a goodbye".

More Recording Sessions

Happy New Year to all! I will be heading down to Tennessee shortly for further work on my next album. So far, it's been really great! The easy songs are basically out of the it's time for the hard work to begin! I am very honored to have a special guest artist on the album. I will reveal more when the time is right!

New album out!

Good news! "Moon Singer" is now available for download at digstation. Physical copies may be picked up from CD Baby. More sites available soon!!!

Recording this weekend

I start recording a new album this weekend (and the old one isn't even out yet)! The process is a long one..."Moon Singer" took seven months to record and mix. It should be out within a couple weeks. The next one will probably be out by summer.

Final mix of new album

I just got the final mix of the new CD from Jamie (my producer). It's very good. Jamie is a genius! Now it's off for replication.

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