Ron Baker

It's been a long time

Many things have happened since I last posted an update.  I appeared at Hippie Fest in Logan Ohio this second appearance there!  My weekly appearances at Court Street Grill are on Tuesdays.  I also appeared recently at Woodside Stage in Patriot, OH...headlining a charity concert for the local food pantry.

In November, I will head on back to Tennessee to work with the guys I've worked with so often in the past.  I tried working locally, but it just wasn't the same.  The next album is in the process of being recorded.  I will be doing some of my songs from the past and some covers that I feature regularly in my appearances.  The album was originally going to be called Traveling Man, but I think I might have a better title.  Look for a release in the new year.

There will also be a Christmas release with two original Christmas songs that I think you will like.

Till next time....